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A vast majority of the portable dry herb vaporizers on the market today are hiding a dirty little secret; they are not true vaporizers! Most are no more than a heating coil - like your average car cigarette lighter - that sits at the bottom of a ceramic chamber. This heating coil burns the dry herb on contact, much like a regular lighter would.

This is not true vaporization!

We are excited to announce that we are releasing a product that truly vaporizers dry herb! The Vapor Box THB actually heats the air inside of the chamber, which causes true vaporization. The heating element never touches the dry herb and there is no burning. This is the key for customers who want fewer carcinogens and maximum results.

The Vapor Box THB is a huge breakthrough in the loose leaf, portable, true vaporizer market.



The Vapor Box THB produces higher and more consistent temperatures than other so-called vaporizers on the market. Inside the box, a chamber of ceramic heating coils heats the air, vaporizing the dry herb inside with no combustion.

The Vapor Box THB uses double 1000 mAh battery chips and a voltage of 7.4v to reach the perfect temperature for vaporization. High tech thermal insulation makes The Vapor Box THB safe for use.

With an estimated 10,000 hours of worklife and a lithium ion battery cycle count of 300, The Vapor Box THB is certain to develop a reputation as an effective and dependable workhorse and true vaporizer!

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